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Signals is a casual planet hopper strategy game. Explore systems, harvest resources and repair alien devices. · By MKDBStudio


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Patch 1.1.0
Water treatment plant now has an indicator on top of it with amount of water left. Solar array now has an indicator on top with available power. Minor UI fixes...
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Patch notes 1.0.13
- You no longer have to press building shortcut keys multiple times to place the same building. - When unpausing the game the time speed will now return to what...
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Patch notes 1.0.12
- Fixed an issue where autosave could sometime overwrite a manually saved game. - Fixed and issue where the hide auto-save checkbox in the Load menu did not alw...
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Signals now out!
Signals, a casual strategy game, is now available for Windows and Linux players Enjoy a relaxing management experience with this casual strategy game free of co...
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Signals out on November 16th 2021!
Hi everyone, After a busy few months we are now close to release which will be on November 16th at 3PM British Time. (Countdown to event: https://www.timeanddat...
Signals Demo
Hi everyone, We're happy to finally be able to make a small demo of Signals available for you to play! What to expect? This demo is about 15 minutes of playtime...
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Devlog #4 - Colour in Signals
Hello again, Kathryn here, the other 20% of MKDB Studio. So, colour (I'm British, I spell colour with a u) is not something I understood much of before this pro...
Devlog #3 - Logo Design
Welcome to this week's Dev log, I’m the other half of MKDB Studio, the wife, Kathryn. I’ve worked with Michel on several logo projects prior to this, he is...
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Greetings. I see the demo was just posted yesterday, so you might want some comments. I was able to play the demo throug...
started by Jotok Sep 23, 2021
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