Signals out on November 16th 2021!

Hi everyone,


After a busy few months we are now close to release which will be on November 16th at 3PM British Time. (Countdown to event:

What to expect?

The game will be available on both Windows and Linux. The download should be between 500Mb and 1Gb.

For issues, bug reports, feature requests or questions, please head to the Itch forums or our Discord! Keep in mind this is a small team of 2 with only one developer, so please be patient, we aim to patch the game every couple of days if not more often for critical issues.

What next?

We expect to add a Weekly Challenge mode to the game in the first couple weeks where a fixed seed will be generated and players can rank on a leaderboard for the best score. More info on this soon!

We are working on adding controller support to the game as well, which requires some minor UI tweaks here and there.

We are working to make our scenario editor available to allow you to create your custom campaigns and share them. There is no precise timeline on this yet, but it is being actively worked on and it is something we strongly want to enable.

We'll soon publish a quick manual to the game files which contains all base data that controls building costs and resource economy values, allowing you to experiment with them.

  We hope you'll enjoy playing Signals!

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