Signals now out!

Signals, a casual strategy game, is now available  for Windows and Linux players

  Enjoy a relaxing management experience with this casual strategy game free of combat with an original soundtrack composed by ambient artist Jupi/ter.

Lead the search to repair alien devices and follow mysterious signals to find its source and what lays at the end. Your quest has been funded by the Artificial Life & Advanced Networks Corporation who see your mission as an opportunity to spread across the galaxy.

  Signals is made by MKDB Studio, a small husband and wife outfit based in Hertfordshire in the UK.

Files 703 MB
Version 16 Dec 13, 2021 720 MB
Version 16 Dec 13, 2021 703 MB
Version 8 Nov 15, 2021 720 MB
Version 7 Nov 15, 2021

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